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Originally Posted by cdollar View Post
I was taught the Jetton method many years ago by a friend's dad who had a BBQ place in Lousiana. Cook the brisket immersed in water for 12 hours at 210*, with some jalapenos in the water, then scrape the fat off and smoke for 6 hours. Made a wonderful juicy and tender product. I cooked, served and catered these briskets for years, and people loved it. I use the smoke and foil method now, mainly for the burnt ends. I only cook for myself and friends now.

I think whichever way gives you the finished product that makes you happy, you should go for it.

lthough this seems like a tasty method.. based on my articles, promary research a first hand knowledge it is NOT the Jetton Method. A method none the less, but not the Jetton Method.

That being said.... i bet it might be good.... although I would like to see the condition of the brisket after 212 hours under the simmer point THEN smoked 6 hours.

I have listed the correct Jetton method (which is not his published in his cookbook) in thread.
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