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I did a Wild Boar Piglet (20-25 lbs) and a mature Wild Boar Hind Quarter this past spring on a SFB smoker and after fighting rain and 40 mph winds all night, I fell asleep for about three hours. The fire crashed and meat tmep went from 120* to 110*. When I woke up in a PANIC I fired it back up and brought the meat to 140 * in about an hour. Yeah a little quicker than I would have liked, but this smoker leaked like a screen door on a sub... I pulled all the wild Boar after it got to 195*. Nver foiled the meat at all and it came out just fine.

I would NOT recommend that as a way to go, but it ended up just fine and everyone loved it. That and the 30 ABTs, 2 Pizza fatties and 65 lbs of mud bugs!!

The key point is to keep your smoker above the magic number 225* and if the USDA say ok on that, a little bit of fudge factor should be fine.

What kind of smoler are you thinking of doing the whole hog on?

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How long it would take to get a whole hog up to 140. Surely it would take longer than 4 hrs, wouldn't it?
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