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Originally Posted by Stan41 View Post
I have cooked brisket using the Jetton method exactly. It is very good, but I think I have tasted better. It's lots of trouble, but I will probably do it again sometime.
I am not suggesting we all go out and do this.... LOL I was just saying that if one was going to critique harshly hot and fast cooking, or foil, or whatever... one must take in account that in our past... BBQ Barons like Walter Jetton and his trail style.... an older tradition than many want to think.... would shock most of us.

And.... I will say this.... I run a charity... lots of BBQ Purist come to eat my BBQ as far as Fredricksburg.... if I could get away with making sure NO ONE knew I was boiling briskets.... then smoking them on an open pit.... Id do it. Its actually easier... from a catering standpoint.... imagine your brisket and ribs taking up generally the same amount of time.
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