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Originally Posted by 4dueces View Post
I read somwehere on another thread that "white" smoke is common when burning wood vs. blue smoke when burning charcoal. As long as the wood smoke isn't too thick and heavy which would be an indicator of some of the conditions mentioned above. I have a stick burner and have learned how to keep the smoke "white and light" during the cooks.

I'd like to read what was discussed on that thread. It's my experience that when charcoal is burning cleanly, it's not "blue". It's practically INVISIBLE. Start smoldering wood chunks on the charcoal bed, and the smoke's not invisible, nor light blue, at least for a while.

Regarding stickburning, as long as I keep the vent open and add just one or two small pre-heated seasoned splits at a time, I keep sweet blue smoke most of the time. I keep an eye on the smoke, and when it's nearly gone, I know it's time to add wood. All I could do was minimize the white smoke when I used the vent to keep temps low-n-slow. Now, I tend the fire (lump to supplement temp and/or the coal bed) , not the vent, and leave it open most of the time. If I had a better offset and more time to kill, my wsm might get a little moldy.
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