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Originally Posted by 4dueces View Post
I read somwehere on another thread that "white" smoke is common when burning wood vs. blue smoke when burning charcoal. As long as the wood smoke isn't too thick and heavy which would be an indicator of some of the conditions mentioned above. I have a stick burner and have learned how to keep the smoke "white and light" during the cooks.
really, so whats up with the fuss for TBS. (thin blue smoke)

BTW, you avatar makes me laugh. i was in a store today and a little 7 year old girl was with her mom and they walked past the lingerie section and the little girl stopped and stared at the "santa" nighty set. She said " Mommy, can women be santa clause to"

yeah, it was classic. And Mamma was cute to..... Penalty box here i come!!
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