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Judi I can appreciate the taste of those Candied Jalapenos, down here in Texas they are called Cowboy Candy.

I have a recipe for a little quicker version I'd like to share, simplicity itself.

1 2 qt. jar Pickled Jalapeno Slices
(I get mine from Sam's for about $2.50 a jar.)
4 lb sugar

Drain japs in a colander, then pet into a large glass or SS bowl.

Gently fold in sugar. ( I usually pour all the sugar on top then genlty fold)

Let sit about 30-60 min until some of the juice starts to come out and the mixture becomes moist enought to flow a little so it's easier to put back into the jar

Poure jap/sugar mix back into jar and leave 1/2" headroom. If you can't get it all back in put leftovers in a clean jar with tight fitting lid.

Then set on counter, out of direct sunlight (Read that can do strange things to some foods), and turn over every other day until liquid becomes crystal clear and japs have turned an translucent emerald green.

This takes at least 2 weeks and as much as 4.

I have never refrigerated mine and we have had some for over a year. I figure the bugs either hate the japs or all the sugar but I,ve never had any spoilage.

Like Judi said this is great over a block of Cream Cheese aka. Texas Fire Brick, and a slice on a deviled egg is heavenly. Chop up 2-4 Tablespoons and mix into a jar of melted apple jelly. Put it back in the original jar and turn over every 15 minutes until japs quit moving.

Save the juice, makes lots, and mix into your favorite BBQ sauce to give it a sweet/heat kick or use it to glaze ribs or chicken.

You can also can it like jelly in smaller jars and hot water bath process it and give it as gifts. Just fill all the jars and put them back into their box and turn them over all at once.
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