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A friend gave me a magazine clipping for a recipe contest involving thanksgiving leftovers. Of course I had no leftovers left, so I went to publix and grabbed the cutest little 8ish lb turkey you ever did see. Spatchcocked the little birdy injected with some mojo marinade, rubbed and tossed on the kettle. Didn't pay any attention to time, but on my second peek that bad little little birdy was done! looked like this...

So we had a thanksgiving type dinner on saturday night, then sunday I went to work.

Now, I have never made pierogies, or even had a pierogie that didn't come from the freezer section, but somehow decided I was going to make pierogies with mashed taters, turkey, and cranberry. Found a dough recipe online and went to town.

2 cups flower (plus some for working)
1/2 t kosher salt
1/2 c sour cream
1 large egg
Mix flour and salt, then add beaten egg and sour cream. I worked the dough by hand untill I could form a not super-sticky ball. referidgerate for 30 min.

I made two batches of dough, then for the filling I used

2c mashed taters
2c pulled turkey
1/2c shredded cheddar
couple shakes of my homemade xxx spicy steak rub (similar to the "Lonestar steak rub" from The Barbecue Bible)
I addedthe jellied cranberry sauce to the pierogies individually

After rolling the dough out to about 1/16" I used a drinking glass to cut out circles. Said glass was 3 1/4" diameter. Add a chunk (Never measured, but I guess I was working with about 1 T) of filling mixture and some cranberry. Fold over dough (may require some stretching) and crimp the edges with a fork. If the edges aren't sealing, you've got too much flour, just rub some water on the edges and try again.
Here is what mine looked like...

Add a few at a time to a large pot of boiling water. When a rogi floats, pull it out and place in cool water. These are ready...

You can cook, refirdgerate, or freeze the boiled pierogies. I sauteed mine in chopped onion and butter and did the wife and kids with no onions. Sautee untill lightly crisp...


Getting to my belly (don't mind my dry cracked man hands)

Jack ate 3 of them!

They were good enough the wife wanted them for dinner sunday too!

Thanks for looking
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