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Found some matches.
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I almost always dry brine turkey (ever since I read a few years ago about Judy Rodgers (Zuni Cafe) doing this with a lot of the meat her restaurant serves.

For me, it's less hassle -- no cooler to clean or keep iced. I rarely do a whole turkey. I cut it up before salting so it takes less room in the fridge and because often the turkeys we get are large enough that I don't feel comfortable smoking them low and slow. (My dh's company buys them a couple of times a year for their employees and some of the guys don't like turkey, so they give them to us.) I usually smoke it day ahead (dry brining a day or two ahead and slice/pull/season it for reheating the next day. Obviously, our turkey is not for presentation, but just for eating.

We do have a second refrigerator and I reserve a shelf on this to let the turkey sit for a few days.

It's very tasty. I won't say it's better than brining; but I can't say it's not as good either.

Thanks for posting the article.
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