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Post suggestion for a multi Temperature sensor probe

Afternoon Brothers and Sisters
I am looking for suggestion for a multi Temperature sensor probe, when at a comp I usually cook 3 butts, 2 Packers and at min 8 racks of ribs and 24 thighs, this is my basic meat quota. So I am looking for new thermometers and I am thinking a probe for each piece of meat or do ya all think this is over kill? The chicken I am not worried about or the ribs on the chicken I use an instant read and the ribs I have a probe giving me overall chamber temp. But I was hoping to find something that is (A) wireless up to 100 feet (B) read out unit can be attached to a belt or clipped to something {so securable} and can read multiple probes and separate them (i.e.) Beef -1 beef -2, Pork -1 pork 2 and ribs and if need be can be expanded even more anyone know of such a device on the market that I will not need to take a second mortgage out to get and do you think I am over thinking things AGAIN!! And need only worry about chamber temp vs. internal temp and just use an instant thermometer for temp readings. I tend to go overboard with thechie gadgets and end up selling them off or hiding them from the wife in the barn or in the trailer as backup stuff.
Thanks everyone hope I did not babble to much everyone have a great Holliday of your liking
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