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Default Braunschweiger and cream cheese ball.

Oh holy cow, this sounds great. Going to have to try it. Thanks for sharing.

QUOTE=Kevin;211942]Ya gotta have a braunschweiger and cream cheese ball. I'll dig out the recipe and edit this post.

This is realy good with cocktails:
16 ounces liver sausage (Braunschweiger in Minnesota)
8 ounces cream cheese -- softened
2/3 cup mayonnaise or salad dressing (don't use miracle whip, it's too tangy)
4 Tablespoons dill pickle relish (If'n you ain't got any chop up a dill pickle)
4 Tablespoons chopped onion, some scallions add to the mix if you got em.
1 teaspoon Worsy sauce
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder (a couple of cloves fresh minced is better)
fresh parsley, or cilantro -- chopped for garnish

Mix the first 7 ingredients up and refridgerate overnight in a bowl lined with plastic wrap.
When ready to serve just tip the bowl over on a platter and remove the plastic wrap and garnish with the greens.
Serve with crackers.[/QUOTE]
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