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Originally Posted by kcquer
The SKD does have a rain-proof vent cap which is nice, and I like the idea of the water pan that slides out.
Jeff, you fail to mention that the BSKD also has wheels that don't fall off, a superior fold down shelf and better cooking grate supports.
But I can say that when my WIFE can notice the difference in craftsmanship........I have to raise an eyebrow.
Having seen a lot of both models at contests, I haven't seen this at all without going back to New Braunfels models made in the states. The paint is still on my BSKD lid, how 'bout you 'dera owners?
I had a feeling I'd hear from you on this issue. :D A drill, cotter pin and washer solved that problem.

Yes. mine's still there, but I oil my firebox after each use, too. Seriouslly, the SKD's I've seen down here at Lowe's are very poor. They are noticeably shorter and the material was inferior, including the cooking grates. Cheryl looked at it and said: "Ooh, I don't like that one!" She's been around mine long enough to decipher the difference.

This is only one Man's opinion, plus, I don't think that Lowes has a very good assembly was extremely loose and rickety.
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