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I totally agree about the sauce. I like my brisket without it. Most of it was actually eaten without sauce. I just didnt get any good brisket pictures. That one was of what was left and just put in a pan with the sauce to keep from drying out.
I also agree about the lighting. Sometimes I can get really good pics with my Evo's camera, but for some reason it just wasnt happening today.

The brisket was really good. I will be using this rub again most likely. I will also not be putting water in the pan of the WSM again. I could not get the bark to set the way I wanted it to. It had a great flavor just not crusty like I wanted. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I doubt I will try aging again. I'm actually gonna practice with cheap select packers, and when I can be consistent with those then I'll buy the good stuff.
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