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Found some matches.
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O.k. I've read all the pages, got a drum, built a smoker, cooked on it a dozen times. The only question I have that isn't answered in this enormous thread is where do I go for professional help? Apparently I'm "obsessed" and need help. Well, that's what the wifey says. Funny thing is she keeps asking what I'm cooking next
I will say it's been very satisfying cooking delicous food on something I've made. There has been a huge learning curve trying to get my heat dialed in and settled. Still figuring it out. The drum is tight, no leaks, I can have it stone cold from 350degrees in less than 45 min. I've got 2-3/4" ball valves and 1-3/4" capped nipple for intakes and I use the 2" bung for exhaust. I try to catch my temp on the way up. Shut down first intake at 180 and start adjusting second intake around 200. I block the intakes from wind and I keep my start up procedure the same. 12 lit briqs on top of my basket. I use kingsford original charcoal.
I think the combo of a new drum, new to bbq, and being overly excited is my main problem. Besides, for me, building the drum and figuring it out is the fun part. The food is just a bonus!
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