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Default Traeger and CS

I have been a Traeger dealer for the last two years. I have tested the CS570 this past summer and will be testing the Green MT this spring. Here is my take!

  • Easy to use (think all pellet grill are this way) and put together.
  • Pellet hopper
    • Doesn’t hold a full bag and the hopper.
    • Does not use all the pellets. Will still have pellets in hopper (they get stuck on the sides) and your auger will be empty, thus fire goes out. Just make sure you keep the hopper full and you won’t have an issue.
    • Need to make sure you clean the hopper out at least on a year. Had an issue where the breaker kept popping to find out the pellet dust was like concrete not allowing the auger to rotate. Might happen to the other, but I know clean them every month, so no issues.
  • Digital Controller. In my opinion you must have a digital controller. It is the only way to have consistency when you are cooking. The other controller is an auger on/off time period so it depends on the outside air temperature on how hot your grill will get.
  • Had issues with the “Hot rod” still seeing a few but nothing like last year. If you get a new grill you shouldn’t have any problems.
  • They outsourced there phone service out of Portland. In my opinion the South Dakota people aren’t familiar enough with the grill (reading a card) to be much help.
  • Unit is light weight, so if you live in a cold area the wind and temp does keep the temperature down.
  • Heavier grill then the Traeger.
  • Can get temp up to 600+ where the hottest I got a Traeger is a little over 500 on the Junior and 475 on the lilt ex, 435 for the texas.
  • Digital controller. Pain in the ass to install, but overall performance is better than the Traeger. You can increase/decrease at 5 degrees (traeger 25). Has a “PRIME” button which will force pellets into the fire box, use this when you are getting ready to open the door.
  • Pellets are dropped into the fire box. This keeps the fire from burning the pellets in the auger.
  • Pellets are feed to fire box every 4 sec for the CS and every 15sec for the Traeger. This means the temp swings are much smaller on the CS then Traeger.
  • Thicker unit means the cold and wind doesn’t effect the temp as much
  • Being heavier make it harder to move and the wheels are not as good a some of the Traeger grills
  • Accessories cost more for the CS then the Traeger.
  • CS are made in Canada where Traeger grills are made in China.
I have plans on testing the Green MT this March.
  • I like the idea they have an insulated blanket.
  • Only have two units to pick from Med and Large.
  • There pellets are Oak based not Alder.
  • They have more headroom in the grill. They are not round.
  • They are made in China.
  • Understand they have a remote control so you can raise/lower the temp without going to the unit.
  • They also have a low pellet alarm
Overall for Alaska the CS would be a better unit then the Traeger. Problem is nobody sells the CS in Alaska. I have looked into becoming a dealer/distributor for the CS grills. The grill cost to dealers depend on how many you order (big difference between 5 and 25 +) Also they are out of Canada and the shipping cost to Alaska would be very high and I am not sure customers would be willing to pay the extra $$$.

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