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Hmm I think this deserves to be in this thread!

I give you a re-post of Vat o Cheese. Has anyone made this from my 2009 post? Light sucked its alot more whiter than what was taken.

I used 16oz instead of 32oz whipped cream cheese (my bad) It still was awesome... I am sure adding Brethren signature ingredients will only make it better. (Bacon, Pulled pork. brisket pieces, ABT's ect) Just use this as the base.

- loaf of bread from Bread Co- Sourdough or French- UNSLICED (I have never found a big enough round bread at the grocery store and the bread at Bread Co is SO good!)
-12 oz shredded Swiss cheese
-32 oz of WHIPPED cream cheese
-1 cup Parmesan
-1 cup real mayonnaise

Hollow out the loaf of bread and cut into cubes. Mix everything else together, dump it in the bread, and bake at 375 for 50 minutes!


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