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Originally Posted by Miguels244 View Post
I'm bummed out. A buddy was going to broker a hog for me...all organic etc. but the source flaked out.

I was SO looking forward to makin' bacon.
No reason not to make it. Go grab a slab of belly from your butcher and do tha damn thing I guarantee the belly you get from the butcher will still be better than the bellies commercial bacon manufacturers use anyway. I lived my whole life loving what I thought was "bacon" only to find out once I started making my own that I had never known what bacon really was! It was a sad time in my life. Now go make your own!

Originally Posted by jasonalan724 View Post
i know what i am doing next week! it seems around this time every year everyone starts making bacons and such, it's on now, i'm done putting it off.
Yeah I have been curing a lot of hams for the Christmas (like 150 lbs worth) and since I already have the insta-cure1 on hand I did up a batch of bacon for myself (selfish mod ). The molasses recipe I have is actually turning out so damn nice each time I'm thinking of producing some bacon on a small small scale, about 25-50 lbs a batch in 2011 to distribute locally. I'll see how that turns out though.

Originally Posted by KnucklHed BBQ View Post
Oh yeah! Very nice lookin meaty meats! how'd your pancetta turn out? I've made a pancetta thingy out of a rolled up butt, but not belly - Let it air dry for 4 months and cold smoked several times - I'm curious to see if you think it would have been better dried, or if you were happy with the way it is?
The pancetta turned out really nice. It has all the notes of the herbs, garlic spices & chilies, but its all absolutely mellowed out into this fatty, porky goodness. Im sure the flavors would have been more concentrated if it were air-dried. But I wanted it for use in the kitchen when cooking. Instead of using store bacon in dishes, this pancetta adds a whole new depth of flavor with all its herbs & spices. The almond and lychee smoke is nice and mild on the meat as well, so it by no means overbearing. I Did fry up a thin piece bacon-style and it was awesome... but so were the mushrooms I sauteed with the pancetta cubes tonight lol But yes, overall it came out very much to my liking! I do recommend doing it if you dont have the means or time to air dry.

1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder grill/smoker
1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder smoker
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