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Thanks for the great post John! I'm always looking for a good rub to canabalize!!

Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
Thanks. I'm all about the brethren and
sistren, so I thought it best to let the
shields down a bit.

There are two more "secret ingredients". Anyone care to hazard a guess or

Gahhh! I was late showing up... I woulda guessed chipotle powder...

As for those dried ancho's... try this with part of them - buy the whole dried peps and "toast" 1/2 of the amount you will use in the rub on the grill.
Go easy, they have very little moisture and a bunch of sugar in them and they will burn in nothin flat if you're not watchin' - as they toast they will puff up a little and blister just a smidge - the fragrance they give off is incredible!
Sweet and peppery (as in chili peppery), you can smell the sugars carmelizing!
Allow them to cool and dry and then grind into powder, I'm telling ya, it adds a whole nother world to the fragrance & flavor.

Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
That last question brings up an excellent point. I've found that granular
consistency is very important in a rub. Why? It's all about gravity and
I've also learned that (like your method of mixing the salt and brown sugar) if you mix things like brown sugar with other spices well enough, the moist molassass in the sugar will bind with the spices and hold the spices in suspension, you then need to dehydrate the sugar so that it won't clump - baking (even in low heat) is likely to change the flavor of the spices - I usually allow my rub to "air dry" in a shallow pan covered with a clean kitchen towel for an afternoon, stir & mix it a few times and it will begin to dry.

I get a very even and consistent blend by doing it that way.
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