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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
What are you expecting/hoping to see? they look pretty much like any other brisket or butt I have cooked on any of my other cookers. 90+% of the butts and briskets that I cook in my FEC are for competitions and the only pictures that i have of them is the turn in boxes. i suspect that a lot of other FEC owners are in the same boat.
I was expecting to see some food PIC's some where, heck any where, old post, new post, some thing some where post, but to no avail! I'm in the market for a new smoker and I have narrowed my choice down too two differant smokers. We've all seen PICS of food cooked/smoked on one of them, (Stumps), but no where could I find FEC 100 cooked/smoked pic's. (OTHER than Cookshack's web site, and thats one pic only) We as BBQ'ers taste with our eye's, if not why show PICS? Everyday you can look at any BBQ forum and see PIC's of some thing, heck most Brethren here look at someone's Posted PICs and say's "how good looking someone's PIC is and that they'ed like to have some", well I've been trying to do the same with pellet smoker's, if you will, look and taste with my eye's, see some pic's. Shouldn't be that difficult I thought, how wrong I seem to be... As far as comp only PICS, I never said I want to see your turn in box, I just can't believe I couldn't find an OLD POST some where with pellet smoked/cooked food PIC's, mostly FEC100 smoked. We all know when a person gets a new toy, we're showing off food pics cooked on the thing! Maybe I should keep going thru the archives
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