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Default What pellet pooper, if any, to buy?

Well Im thinking about commiting some money to my bbq hobby, and have been searching around for a good smoker in the $1000-$1500 range. My goal is to make a delicious product that can feed a few or a bunch of people and possibly dabble in a local comp or two. I started with a wsm, built a UDS, and have produced some good food. I was looking into stickburners but stumbled across pellet grills in my price range (I always assumed they were much more costly). After some reading and research I like the idea and ease of use. Yeah its badass to throw logs into your pit every hour but at the end of the day I like the idea of set it and forget it, which is why I went with a wsm as my initial smoker.

So after looking around the popular models are the Traeger Texas and the Country BBQ 680. I found some posts from years back talking about the two but seems the Traeger has advanced a little more since than. It appears the Traeger uses a digital temp control leading me to beleive the feeding system works on actual pit temp not just a constant feed rate? If this is true does the CS-680 still work on a time-based feed system?

All input is greatly appreciated, Id love to hear what owners think. In all my research so far I havent found anyone who owned one and didnt like it.

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