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Originally Posted by jminion
Your cooking method isn't classsic brisket I'm not saying it's bad but there is a difference between reheating and holding meat in liquid for 18 hours. The texture is not the same.
Of course the texture is different. I usually serve it shreded or sliced about 1/2 inch thick. It fact it really wants to be shredded. My family loves it and demands it when I fix beef. It also fits his schedule if he does not want to cook all night. However, I would never serve anything to a big group that I had not perfected with a few test cook offs. In reality he should probably fix it the same way that he has in the past and try all the suggestions with smaller batches and a less critical group of dinners.

I plan to fix a more classic brisket this weekend. When I cook it I will start in the morning and cook it to tenderness like was mentioned earlier, and we will simply eat it when it is done.
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