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I've been using a Stoker for about a year now. The only drawback to it (performance-wise) is that it uses an eight bit embedded web server on a SIMM (This makes it relatively slow.) So you have to be kinda careful about loading it up with too many tasks. Make sure it's the only device on the network segment with your controlling computer. That helps a lot.

What I like to do is use the (sparse, limited, non-demanding) built-in web interface to make adjustments to the settings of the Stoker (associating the preferred temperature probe with the blower, setting target temps for pit temp and meat internal temps, labeling temp probes, stuff like that) and then I use the Stoker Log from Amir Majidimehr to track my cook.

This page:

has LOTS of excellent suggestions and ideas, especially if you're running Stoker Log on WIndows 7 or Vista . . . and Amir posts the link to version 6.6 (the latest that I know of) in the second post.

Remember that Amir has created and updates the software out of the goodness of his heart - it's freeware in the purest sense - so be prepared to cut it some slack.

I hope this helps!

P.S. If you're a geeky tech like me, the Stoker is da bomb! It runs an embedded Linux OS - which reminds me - another performance improvement is to set a static IP address instead of allowing it to use DHCP (the default).
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