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Does this seem to be fair, respectful and reasoned? If so, I'll send it tonight:

Hello Tana,

There has been some discussion in the BBQ community about your involvement with the Lousiana Tailgate and BBQ Festival.

I don't think that it would be fair to have these discussions without asking you about it directly. Rumor and speculation isn't fair to anyone. Hopefully you agree and can help set the record straight (if the current perception of things is inaccurate).

With that in mind, here are the questions that seem to be at the crux of the matter:

  1. Did you receive any money or other remuneration in any form under any title (ie. stipend, gratuity, payment, etc.) from the Louisiana Tailgate and BBQ Festival or anyone involved with the festival in 2009 or in relation to their 2009 event?
  2. Did you make an attempt through email or otherwise to either passively or actively suppress information regarding the Louisiana Tailgate and BBQ Festival's status, development and potential problems from getting to the BoD?

I'm sorry if this comes off sounding officious. It's the only way I can think of to ensure that no one winds up twisting your words or equivocating.

Thank you for your service to the BBQ community.

Eric Devlin
Event Organizer and CBJ
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