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Now, for tri-tips I am a big fan of the reverse sear method, and I think it is an excellent way to get a chunk of meat done. But, I have done rib roasts for years with the idea of putting the roast into the oven or kettle running along at 450F or so, then letting it go for 30 minutes, then turning down the heat or closing the bottom vents to cruise down to 275F and finishing at this temperature. And I have not been disappointed in my roast for almost 30 years done this way.

That being said, I have also done roasts and eaten roasts done in all sorts of manner, and a lot comes down to how long and how done. I learned from restaurant chefs and cooks that roasting at 600F (yeah that helps me a lot) temperatures for a short time gives you a juicier roast, and have seen some very nice roasts done this way. Then there is salt crusting a roast, which is cooked very slowly, down in the 225F range, and it produces an amazing roast as well. I think the key is to not take it over 125F in the dead middle of the roast and let it rest for at least 30 to 45 minutes.
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