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Default Brisket Advice Needed - cook on Sat serve on Sun

I plan on cooking 3 briskets on Saturday to be served for lunch on Sunday.

I will rubbing down the briskets on Friday and putting them on at 8 AM Saturday and they should be done around 8 PM.

My usual plan is to smoke for 9 hours at 215, then put the briskets in pans, cover tightly with foil and cook another 3 hours at 250. Then, I let the briskets sit for 1 hour, then scrape off the fat cap, slice the point from the flat and scrape off the interior fat.

Before I read this forum, I usually just relied on cooking temps and times. Now I am relying more on internal temps which I think allows for more consistent results.

Since I will not be serving these until Sunday, logistics do not allow me to cook until Sunday AM. Would I be better off just letting the briskets cool, then do the fat trimming on Sunday as we warm them up for serving?

I use the juice from the pans to season my frijoles ala charra(see recipe section).

Any thoughts?

Also, been readin the whole fat cap up/down discussions. I think I lean to the down side. If you do cook fat cap up, would it help/hurt to pierce the fat cap in places to allow the rub to better penetrate during cooking?
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