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Default Venison..but not smoked

Not sure if anyone would be interested in this.. maybe a few of you that hunt.
This is some of the deer from rifle season this year. I've been busy processing the meat.

I've cleaned the backstraps, wrapped some whole for later, cut steaks, made burger and roasts... and canned some.

for canning I place the raw cubed venison into jars, add a mixture of beef bouillon, onion powder and seasoned salt. then top with sliced onion and a clove of garlic.

the meat makes it's own broth while in the pressure canner.

I load the pressure canner and process the venison at 12lbs of pressure for 75 minutes (pints). This is different for every location, you need to check your own pressure canning guide for altitude adjustments.

The meat stores on the shelf, it's an easy 'heat n eat" meal and great over smooshed potatoes.

Just one more option for this year's venison harvest...

Thanks for looking!

Adding link to canning chicken for anyone who's interested...
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