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Originally Posted by chromestacks View Post
The HD is going to tell you that you need a commercial kitchen or commisary. Your home kitchen will not qualify! If you do not have something in the works, check with your church, fire dept, or butcher shop. The insurance that you mention does this include NYS disability? workmans comp? They are also required in addition to liability insurance. What type of catering are you offering? is all food to be cooked onsite? Do you intend to also have a BBQ stand that you sell out of? Grillman also made a valid point about not buying anything until you talk to the HD. GO There In Person. You will have a better understanding of the requirements when you leave. As far as start up cost, at the very minimum I would think you are looking at 8K-15K
Initially, the plan is to provide a drop-off only service and no bbq stand. We may vend at festivals on occasion if this gets off the ground (I am aware that this would require a separate permit).
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