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Originally Posted by homebbq
Your right, I got bit on brisket in Sebring. It was actually some of the better brisket I have cooked. But thats the way it goes. Somewhere in the next few contests, it will be my turn to get the right tables (I hope, fingers crossed, knocking on wood).

You know what? I really had a problem with consitency until I threw away some of the gadgets.
My eyes, my hands, a clock, and an instant read thermometer were my keys to consistency. The probes, and remote probes, were thrown in the trash can.
I remember your brisket score vividly from Sebring. All 9.5's and 10's and then some YAHOO thought it was a 6.5 or so (barely edible)--I can go back and verify that. But--just WRONG! The low score needs to be tossed as in KCBS. That is humans scoring and anyone can have a bad day. But, too much money on the line here!

I just wish the rest of us (especially DF and I) were there with you on the tme and temps approach
Till we figure out the winning ticket and get consistant, we gotta use the crutches.
Also, there will come a day when we have a "real" cooker. For now, we are patching together the best we can afford.
The probes and the technology are a godsend to help a new "cooker" go from "HUM and OK" to some fine Que.
We do not live by the technology, just use it to flatten the learning curve.
That is why you will see so much emphasis on "meat temps" here in the forum.
Just our way of keeping track of what is going on inside the cooker,
Plus, we don't have Clara to mind the fires while we sleep (inside joke here)
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