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Originally Posted by ---k--- View Post
You're not missing anything. I didn't really think about grease falling on my pizza stone. I knew a lot of people use terra cotta pots, as Rich mentions, I figured a pizza stone was similar and threw this in the mix because I had one.

I keep looking at the results and am thinking I like the ECB the best. I think Webber might know what they're doing!

Why do you you suggest a pan without a rim? I can probably find a metal mixing bowel without a rim. Just not sure if it is worth it.

Right now, I'm thinking either a sand filled bowel or a terra cotta pot, one of the big diameter but shallow ones.
Yeah, Weber most definately knows a bit about smokers and grills, but speaking of pans, it's funny how they went from the shallow pan (Smokey Joe lid) to the great big pan (Smokey Joe bowl) that doesn't allow much room for tending the fire or heaping coals.

The ECB pan is what I use in my wsm, whether it has water or foil, but when I mentioned the rim, I was thinking about how it's wide enough for some of the fat to burn on it, not a good thing if cooking a turkey over it, for example, as I found out on Thanksgiving. I guess I should've layered it up a good bit, or just put a drip pan on the bottom rack. Turkey fat is not something you want smoldering, and I know it's not much of an area for it to land on, but it sure did stink.
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