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Originally Posted by Dave Russell View Post
Ryan, maybe I'm missing something, but are you sure you want all that grease falling on a pizza stone?

The ECB pan works great if you foil it w/ an air gap, and if you can find something the same size or a bit larger w/out a rim, so much the better.
You're not missing anything. I didn't really think about grease falling on my pizza stone. I knew a lot of people use terra cotta pots, as Rich mentions, I figured a pizza stone was similar and threw this in the mix because I had one.

I keep looking at the results and am thinking I like the ECB the best. I think Webber might know what they're doing!

Why do you you suggest a pan without a rim? I can probably find a metal mixing bowel without a rim. Just not sure if it is worth it.

Right now, I'm thinking either a sand filled bowel or a terra cotta pot, one of the big diameter but shallow ones.

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