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Default UDS Diffuser Throwdown

I've done about a 1/2 dozen smokes on my UDS now. The last smoke I did was a Turkey. With the higher temp (~325*) and I really noticed the difference between the center temp and the edge temp. So, I got interested in trying out a diffuser. Today, it is a wonderful 30* outside, so what better time.

This isn't a perfect test. As with all first attempts, I had some issues, and everything didn't go as planned, but I just rolled with it and think I got some usable results.

I lit a little more charcoal than normal, and spread it around to get more even heat diffusion.

The contestants:
Test 1 - No Diffuser
Test 2 - ECB Waterpan, 13.5" dia, 4" high w/ water.
Test 3 - Bunt Pan, 10" dia, 3.5" high w/ water
Test 4 - Pizza Stone, 15" dia

The temps are being measured with a thermometer on the side and my maverick wired to the bottom of the grate.

I'll also be measuring temps using these:

Test #1
Start 12:50.
Outside temp = 325*
Middle Temp = HHH - greater than 450*??? Wow
Cook time = 10 mins.

Test 4 is about to come off the smoke now. So, I'll post updates later.

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