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Originally Posted by fweck View Post
My first thought looking at the final pic was that I'll give you a pass on the crappy camera, cause I could so Farkin eat that!!
I need to try this, how about a gravy recipe?
It's nothing fancy at all. My gravy today was a small batch (just for that plate).

1 tbsp Butter
1 tbsp All-Purpose Flour
3/4 cup Whole Milk
Fair amount of Black Pepper (probably 1/4tsp or so)
Quick shake of Onion Powder (probably in the 1/8tsp range or a bit more)
Kosher Salt to taste

Melt butter in pan and turn heat to low. Mix in flour until thoroughly combined and let simmer like this for about a minute, but don't let it turn more than a very light blonde. Stir in milk and remaining ingredients and simmer until thickened. This makes for a sticky gravy a tad on the thick side, just how I like my country gravy.

Originally Posted by Stig View Post
Man that looks good. Isn't CFS one of the food groups? I thought that for a while...never thought of grinding the meat though. I always use 'cube' steak, you know the tough meat that they run through the machine. Yours is more like a salisbury steak/country fried steak/type but with a good cut of meat, genius!
I'll have to try this, and I have an awesome buttermilk batter recipe that I use for the CFS that would be good for the grill too.
There should definitely be a recommended daily allowance for CFS.
Any chance you're willing to share that buttermilk batter recipe?
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