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Originally Posted by deguerre View Post
And people gave me heck for cubing and marinading a rib eye. Harrumph.
Still though, nice application for chicken fried! Stick it on a bun and you've got a chicken fried burger. Don't tell Smokey Al though... first thought was to take the ground steak and form it back into it's original shape, and wrap around the edge with some bacon to give the appearance of the strip of fat along the edge of a KC Strip, and just cook up a "reformed" KC Strip steak. But then I thought better of it. Like you said, this application is dual purpose, it can be Chicken Fried Steak, or it can be a Burger. I like it when things can be used for multiple purposes.

Originally Posted by Gore View Post
Cool! That looks great. What temp did you go with? Maybe crank it up higher to increase the crisp.

Normally I'd cry to see you grinding that steak up, but it was already frozen....
I originally wanted to use your Chicken Batter...but when I saw the cook times I decided to go with cracker crumbs instead. I think either higher heat, or maybe less time offset and more time on direct heat would help. It may also help if I had farking EGGS to get the crackers separate from the meat! Farking eggs!

Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
You KNOW that it drives me crazy when you talk all technical-like thingy...
I suppose I should have gone into greater detail on the potatoes then. It's important to get them to the right mushy level, and the process of smooshing and adding bits and smidges of this and that can really get rather involved. I just didn't think anyone wanted to read all that, guess I was wrong.
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