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Originally Posted by PCDoctor_1979 View Post
HD=Health Department. I'd be suspicious of this product over 41*, especially since it's wild game - don't count me as the tiebreaker. I used to think that a few degrees either way really wouldn't matter, but the line is drawn at a certain point for a reason. Just my $0.02!
there is a specific reason for 41f. At that temp or below all the nasty bacteria grows extremely slowly so you can keep meat in a regular fridge for 4-5 days without a problem. But once you get above 41F the nasty stuff multiplies rapidly and until you hit 165f you may not kill them all. Our bodies will kill one or 2 little germs usually but after you get thousands they cause problems. At 45F for a day think many many thousands being born. And 165F will kill them but you can still get sick from the dead bacteria - probably won't kill you though.

The above is ServSafe and USDA rules and applies to commercial vendors. People can choose to ignore them and many times everybody is just fine. It's like at the fair when you go to win a prize by throwing the softball to knock over the milk bottles. You pays your money, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Difference is losing with food safety can mean a trip to the hospital to get your stomach pumped. If it happens to your wife trust me you won't ever take a chance again.
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