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Originally Posted by smokehunter View Post
Man that looks good almost looks like a pork loin... was that a wild duck?
Thanks but no, it's not a wild duck, store bought. I got the recipe from a fishing buddy of mine who is a duck hunter. He did some greenheads one night after a fishing trip. It was the first ime I had ever had duck and was amazed. So much different and better IMO than turkey or chicken. Between the marinade and the natural fat on them, I was hooked.

His deal is a 24 hour marinade and on the grill. No brine although I like brined whole chicken. I have tried smoking a duck with the same marinade but it wasn't quite as good and more time intensive. So, for duck, I'm a griller and it helps the skin as you know. Strangely, I eat duck skin but not chicken or turkey skin.

That duck was the first one I ever did. I would say it was just as good as his but didn't have to worry about any shot, which really helps with small kids. I've done a few since and we love duck. After seeing your thread, it's got me in the mood for another even post Thanksgiving.

BTW, sorry for any confusion, not trying to make this thread anymore than it is, per the original question.
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