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Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
Theres not a bank in the world that will give you money for what you want to do.
If you can't afford to do it out of your pocket, you probably should'nt be trying to go this route.
Thank you for the feedback. That is why I inquired, I was thinking maybe my train of thought was off. But indulge me for sake of process. We are not really putting together a "roadside stand" that we can then take to events. What we are developing is more foodtruck ala Kogi in Los Angeles. I have already talked to two banks about the prospect and each stated with a proper business plan that such endeavours (i.e. mobile food trucks) are commonly seeing 100% financing. The bank's reasoning is that unlike brick and mortar restaurants with a profit ratio of 1:1, food trucks have market proven returns of 5:1.

Now, your point about the forecast of prices is the most relevant. My thought was to look at the current price of pork shoulders, for example, per pound. Then look at the price of shoulders historically over the past 5-10 years (such info is available online). Take the % change and extrapolate it out as an estimate in rise in pork costs over the next five years. Am I offbase here?

Additionally, unlike restaurants, food trucks can be 100% reposessed and resold at or near market value.
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