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Originally Posted by rogwadd View Post
I've got one to add. It's been a family favorite for some 30+ years. I've done this for holiday parties and never fail to get a callback. Mom's used the frito lay bean dip with jalepeno, but I tweaked it with bean dip.

Bean Dip
1.5 lbs hamburger
1 15 oz (or so) Jar of black bean dip
4.5 oz taco sauce/picante (your preference
1 can bean with bacon soup (Campbells)
1/4 cup brown sugar
(I've adjusted the following looking for the perfect amount of heat. If you go overboard, you can add more brown sugar)
1 tsp granulated garlic (powder or salt will do)
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp each tabasco and chili powder to taste
salt to taste
add water as needed

I'm still tweaking the heat elements.

Serve heated with Frito Corn Chips.
So it's a can of Frito Lay bean dip, plus a jar of the black bean dip? Is the beef browned and added to the mix, or cooked with the seasoning below the brown sugar?
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