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Question for the author of the thread and those who have commented/lurkers:

- Your question about vending prices and the manner in which it is phrased leads me to believe that you are basically all ready to vend roadside and have done so in the past. I am in the process of getting licensed to vend and cater in the coming year which, for me anyway, involves putting together a business plan. Partly for my own use to get organized but also to present to the bank when I apply for my business loan. My question is did you also apply for a business loan to start your vending business? If so, how did you receive a loan without accurately forecasting food costs and profits in a detailed manner within a business plan? If you did not apply for a loan how do you fund your operation? Now, I live in New York so I'm sure rules are less stringent in states like VA; however, I see a lot of guys on here lately asking about pricing for the catering/vending/whatever business that they are launching and making it sound like the only thing left to figure out are those prices.

From the context of the process I am going through either I am doing way too much work, laws and regs are far less stringent and loans much easier to get outside of NY, or there are a lot of guys on here doing it under the table or in for a rude awakening with the HD, banks, their own savings, etc. What am I missing?
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