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Talk about stickburners, I can burn stumps in mine, but still have to tend every 90 minutes to an hour to add more wood. We used a stoker this last comp and had great success with keeping the temps under control, but prior to that, it was all on adjusting the baffles on the fire box and smoke stack (exhaust). I have noticed that guys will load of a box and then you get 5 sticks to catch at one and bam 350+, best thing to do is choke that sucker out, close all baffles. To prevent this, you will add sticks when you see the temp drop after running your pit almost wide open at both end. Its work, so if you got the cash buy the stoker, but if not, just keep this site up as I will start tonight at 2100 and smoke 15 birds until about 0700 and look forward to chatting with any other all nighters
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