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Originally Posted by f308gt4 View Post

... I basically pulled these numbers out of my a$$, ...
Therefore, while equilibrium helps explain why you are brining, I think it doesn't provide a full explanation for what is going on.
thanks for the details. In years past, all we heard was "brining an enhanced bird will make it more salty" and so years ago, i started a Brining 202 where started to explain the concept we've been hitting on.

It depends is the answer.

The challenge, for you, me and the other Brinologists (tm pending) is that we don't really know.

I actually have a salinity bob that I can put in any liquid to determine it's salinity, so I know part of the answer.

The problem I have is determining the salinity of the bird. I don't have a lab to test that nor a way to pay for a a lot of tests.

I just know this, because of osmosis and equilibrium, the higher salt solution will ATTEMPT to equalize with the lower salt solution.

Yup, there are other food forces of nature at work, but for this Briologist, it works for me and all the people I've taught.

I'll be brining this year.

Thanks for the thread guy, I think I understand it (just kidding) somethings this is me on brining --->

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