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Originally Posted by Unfathomable Bastid View Post
Well folks, at 1pm I went to turn the brisket and decided to start taking meat-temps. I inserted the probe, and was shiocked to see an internal temp of 165! What??? I was planning on taking the meat off at 175 around 5pm-- but how could this be? At 1pm I was almost done cooking an 11 pound brisket!-Bastid
Could of been worse. I tried smoking a turkey breast this weekend. I think it was about 3lbs - and had read...

Anyway, was expecting about 3 hours at 250. Set it up (including a meat probe) and left the house for 2 hrs. Came back to turkey jerky (poor bird was 205 internal - target was 160).

That said, everything was cooking fast this weekend. (temps were not off (I have redundant temp gauges), just reciepies were different. At least the Burgers were somewhat of a success (overcooked them too - but the recipe was great, and I don't mind if I can duplicate a quick cook on them).

Looks like turkey stew is now on the menu. Ah, but next time...
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