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Originally Posted by SmokerKing View Post
In the range of 200-300 degrees, my drum can be 30-40 degrees hotter in the center compared to the edge installed analog with the 2.5" probe. I've read where others on this forum have seen as much as 50 degrees.

My drum temps seem to balance out on both the digital and analog around 300 degrees and above.

You may want to also minimize the amount of charcoal you use, 15 lbs. is a lot.
Well then there it is - Thanks a ton SmokerKing!

If Im reading 225 at the side, my precious brisket likely was cooking at 275 or more for all those hours. That would likely explain what went wrong.

A Maverick digital over thermometer is the ticket? Is that the best brand for such a purpose? Also, should I drill another hole at grate level for this purpose, or should I feed it in through the exhaust vent?
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