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Because of a more direct heat method, rather than the indirect heat from a standard offset or a 'water pan' smoker like the Weber Smokey Mountain, everything cooks faster on a UDS. You'll get used to that eventually, but I could see how you must have been surprised.

Regarding the bark - of course you won't get the crispy/crunchy bark when you have to foil that long, because it softens the bark. However, if everything else is done correctly, most folks will tell you they'll give up the bark texture in exchange for how incredibly moist a brisket will turn out after doing the foil method.

Since yours wasn't as moist as you thought it should be, I'm wondering if you were cooking at a higher temp than what you thought you were??

From what I recall reading, you took the internal temp to 180 and then foiled. That is just about perfect for slicing, IMO. Meaning - when you remove it at 180 and foil, then it should continue to climb to 185 or so, which is right in that range you want to be in for slicing

However, one thing that even foiling cannot fix - is meat that dries out because it's cooked at too hign of a smoker temp. Were you relying only on your UDS gauge, or did you have something digital inside, like a Maverick ET-73 for example?

My thought is that you were cooking at a higher temp that what you thought, but even then - it sometimes is ok to cook a brisket at higher temps, like around 275 or even 300.

My thought would be - just try it again and enjoy the practice! :-)
It could have been the quality of the cut of meat's not always the chef's fault, right?!?
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