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I find that the best way to "learn" is to do, and putting together a lot of different information helped me, as opposed to following one tutorial. I followed one from here as a guideline, like on trimming, and if to do fat cap up/down, and separating the point and flat. I was most nervous about that, and i tell you what, if it's DONE, you literally, could just pull them apart at the fat seam. Hot knife through butter was an understatement on mine and I couldn't have been happier. Just keep practicing. I jumped into my first two packers (yes, two at a time) while cooking for 10 hungry deer hunters this past week. Patience and KISS worked wonderfully.

And I don't see anything wrong with your burnt ends as you said "attempt" as long as they're good, and get eaten, it's a success right? :)
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