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Default Apple Dessert Cart

Since I chose this category I figured I’d contribute an entry. The first thing I thought of was “bacon wrapped apple balls” or “appoink Balls” Unfortunately, it was difficult to carve big apple balls, and I didn’t think small apple balls would cut it…

I moved on to apple pie, but I wanted to make it a really special apple pie so I put on my thinking cap and thought about my favorite apple pies. That led to thinking about my other favorite pie, “pecan pie”. I did a quick test on Thursday to make sure the sugary custard would set up with apples in it and it worked!

I made up a batch of pie dough, based of course on “rendered pork fat”. I peeled and sliced up apples. And then I started to think about apple pizza…

So’s here’s what I did:
I wrapped some apple chunks with bacon and smoke roasted them indirect on the kettle.

Then I wrapped them with pie dough.

And set up the kettle for baking:

I threw together an apple pizza (based again on the pie dough) and cooked it most of the way.

Then I added some cheddar and walnuts and cooked it until the cheese melted.

Finally for the Apple Pecan Pie, I blind baked the pie crust.

Started with a layer of apples.

Added pecans and the sugar custard.

And baked it on the kettle.

Here’s the hardest part: Waiting for the apple pecan pie to cool…

And I added some Chambord Whipped Cream to create my entry photo:
Apple Pecan Pie, Bacon Apple Turnover, and Apple Walut Pizza

Thanks for Looking!
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