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Originally Posted by Louisiana Smoker View Post
Smokerking do you have a PDF of the defuser? My temps are allover the place inside the drum and this would help stabilize the temps.

3 Bufords? I have seen the orginal one, the camo one, what is the third? Pics please
pic .pdf? or are you asking for dims., etc.?

Revision #2 worked well, got the center and outside within 20-25 degrees of each other under 300 degrees. BUFORD got up to temp, used the same amount of fuel, no unusual side effects by using the diffuser.

On Revision #3 I eliminated another ventilation ring that was closest to the center.

Not sure if a diffuser like this will stabilize your temps on your drum. My drums all work and respond well too valve and exhaust adjustments and temps stabilize for long cooks. You may have other problems with your drum if your temps are all over the place?

My goal with this diffuser is to reduce the temp difference from the center of the drum to the outside of the drum.

I've actually built 4) BUFORD's, this is #4. I never posted pictures of #2, "Scrapyard Dog".

The fabrication of BUFORD #4 is being completed today, painting this week. It's a very simple design, much less eccentric than #1 & #2.
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