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Originally Posted by mschrock View Post
I'm using this brine for my trial-run turkey, and intend to on the "official" turkey. Funny story when looking for the elusive Chinese Five Spice. I Looked at a couple close smaller grocery stores, empty handed, I decided to call around. EVERY place I called, said they didn't carry it, and that someone else had just asked about it. I finally decided to stop at a lowly tiny Food Lion grocery store next to my house. I asked a stock lady, and she said that every thanksgiving someone asks about it and that they didn't have any. Just as I turned to leave, she mentioned that I could check their McCormick seasoning area of the regular spice section and LOW AND BEHOLD there it was. It's not the Sun Luck brand, but by golly I got some. Funny thing is what can you imagine these other people are using this Chinese Five Spice for...? ;)

It really sucks living in a podunk town.

Looking forward to the cook tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe!
Ha! Dude, that is funny. For the rest of you that are stuck in Podunkdom,
just use allspice.

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