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Well you Dirty Bastid, nothing is a lock when it comes to smoking meat but I'll throw something at you. Since this is your first, go with a simple but tasty mix of salt and pepper as a rub. No need to inject, you want to see how the brisket cooks without too much confusion from outside sources. Trim off some of the outside fat cap so you have about 1/4" of evenness all over. There is a vein of fat between the flat and the point. Trim out a lot of that so when finished, the brisket sits nice and flat on the cutting board. Put the brisket in the drum fat side down and let it cook at around 250 till you have an internal temp around 165. At that point put the brisket in a foil pan, fat side UP and add some liquid. Beer is a good choice here. Use good beer though it will be worth it. Put a tight foil cover over the pan and put the meat back in the smoker. Start probing the meat for tender around 195 internal. When your probe slides into the meat with little to no resistance, aka like Butta, you are done. Let the meat rest for an hour or two foiled and in a cooler and then you will be good to go. That's as much as a lock as I can give. The rest is up to you. Good Luck!
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