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Originally Posted by NorthwestBBQ View Post
Real wood fired BBQ blows compressed sawdust out of the water every time, bro.
Not sure where you came up with this... esp. since those pits typically use GAS for the fuel source, and have a firebox to provide flavor/secondary heating source. Gas brings the pit up to temp, and typically kicks on to maintain temps. (unless the owner is choosing to run it on wood only.) Gas can impart a flavor other than wood... pellets on the other hand don't impart any flavor other than wood.

I'm not trying to say who produces better BBQ, But there are some large names using FEC pits in thier local and in chain restaurants. I wouldnt think the "list" of restaurants would be that big an issue...

They are both excellent, and proven pits, but Pellets have been proven to provide a better yield, and typically they are cheaper than gas to run. Those are the types of things that I would hope someone looking to use it in a commercial setting would be considering.... not just the list of who cooks on what.

And yes, I have cooked on all 3 OH, SP, and FEC. So outside of the tests done to show the cost advantages (better yield, lower operating cost, etc) , I can tell you my personal experience is that the FEC puts a better color on the meat, and does produce a consistent product. You wouldnt go wrong with any of those cookers. I just happen to like the FEC the best, having cooked on all three many times over.
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