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Originally Posted by Heimelswine
Made turds last night for my B-Day party with my usual JD sausage and cream cheese filling. I am going to have to play with some other fillings. I'm curious about the cheese you use with shrimp. Dawg, what type of cheese do you use? I assume cream cheese would be a good choice, what else would work? I read where one of ya'll use little smokies and cheddar cheese as a filling. What meat cheese combinations do you guys use?
Let you imagination run wild here
I have used (in various combinations):
Crumbled up Fatties (my favorite).
Any sausage (chopped up).
Lil Smokies (chopped up).
"Whatever" cooked meat is in the frig.

Cheddar Cheese.
Tex-Mex 4 cheese mix.
"Whatever" shredded cheese in in the frig.
I always mix the various cheeses about 50/50 with cream cheese.

No two batches have ever been the same.
And, a ABT has never been thrown away at my house--no survivors

Doubt that TOFU would work, but TK might have some input on that

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