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Originally Posted by h20loo View Post
Most of the Q'rs up here use the veg oil paper towel method. Quick easy and smells good.
Can you explain the details of the veg oil paper towel method - sounds a lot like the used peanut oil method that I never quite mastered.

I tried using the basket as a chimney and just stuffed crumbled up newspaper under it - and that did not work. I used veg oil soaked paper under an actual starter chimney a few times for my webber grill with good success.

Quite often, I open the lid and look in the drum and see there is still plenty of charcoal for one more burn. So just hitting the top with the weed burner w/o even touching the basket is the laziest thing to do. If I was actually pulling out the basket - I guess putting an oil soaked paper towel under it, and lighting it would be the next easiest. (currently don't have any nipples, so would need to light the paper towel before putting the basket back in...)
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